Hey I'm Coffin Kandi,
I'm 19 years old. (My birthday happens to be in September) I have spent my entire life in or around the same town, which would happen to be Pottstown, PA. I would love nothing more than to get out of here. As a kid I used to dream about being an S.V.U detective.  I was so sure that, that is what I was meant to do with my life. It wasn't till a couple years latter (and a little more growing up on my part) that I realized that I didn't want to be a detective; I just wanted to play one on T.V, like in Law&Order. And so my quest for fame began! I took choir every year of high school, participated in close to every school play, and did everything else I could possibly do to get myself into the lime light. The time between then and now has been a string of photographers, modeling companies, and researching different colleges. As of right now I am booking for close to everything (go-go dancing, modeling, acting, background singing, party hosting, and some contortion work.) I should also make it known that I dye my hair often, as of right now I've taken to the color red, but I make no promises on it stay that way. I am full blooded Irish and have been known to break out into the signing of random folk songs! I do in fact become whatever role I have to be in order to do a shoot, so just because you meet me once does not mean you know me, but I am more than willing to give you another chance to try to! ^.^ I have also been threw my fair share of pain, so I ask you kindly to not judge me harshly, or to assume that I have had a perfect/easy life. I am more then willing to accept you as you are, I only ask for the same. 

Just a couple of random facts about me:

I'm a rather easy going kind of gal. There's not much that really gets me down.
I am easily bribed with cookies.
I ♥ watching people play video games (I don't have the attention span to play them myself lol) 
I wear eye shadow & liner like an 80’s drag queen.
I am addicted to defining the human condition.
I am the queen of zoning out.
I am a neat freak that has a collection of many different random objects that I keep stored and organized in a million different bins and containers.
I never take me serious.
I specialize in self-righteous ego assassinations.
I growl at cameras on a daily basis.
I try to keep my heart as far away from my sleeve as possible.
I have a morbid twisted sense of humor.
I can discus political views for hours, and enjoy every minute of it.
I eat ketchup and salt on my...EVERYTHING.
I'm still searching for the other side of the looking glass.
Proud Masochist, I live by no safe word.
Why seduce; when you can disturb?
You are your own weapon of self destruction.
I read almost all the time!
I am addicted to reds and Pepsi!!
I love the darker side of everything! 
I am 5 years old at heart, but will kick someone's ass for talking to me the wrong way! Please feel free to comment on my wall or send me an email. 
Even if we don't end up working together, I love making new friends!!

I am first and for most a democrat, yet I can't help but agree with some of the ideas of the most conservative minds come to grace this world. Unlike most now-a-days I do have faith in our government. While I do see its flaws for what they are, I can't help but think that with the proper mind in the seat of power great works could still be done. No I do not have the most faith in the state of human nature, but I do believe that society and government can help mask the grotesqueness of what truly makes up the human condition 

Yupp that’s me, I'm sure if we work together or if you take the time out to talk to me you will find that I have something to say about everything, all it takes is for someone to stop and listen. If you wish to know anything more feel free to ask, or if you just feel like talking I'm here for that too!