I know I'm late but I've been a very very busy girl!! 
Well I had a shoot scheduled for today but the wind and possible rain sadly forced me to cancel. It will be rescheduled some time soon though! 
But now back to the topic at hand. My shoot on the 1st went amazingly! It was a calender pin-up shoot scheduled to come out at a latter date (I will post that date and link when it gets closer to the release) 
The Photographer:
For this shoot I worked with Latin Dog Studio. ( http://latindog.com/site/#/special/splash/ ) They are located in Lancaster P.A, ans are a husband and wife photography and design team. They work every well together which helped the shoot to move along faster. Their studio is located in there home, which is quite beautiful I might add. If you have any restrictions of going to a photographers house to shoot this would definitely be the one exception you should make! The studio is in the basement but it's done up real nice!  Very nice people. It was a good shoot all in all.
The Designer:
The clothes I am wearing are made by the wonderful designer Heidi Carder Clothes. (http://www.modelmayhem.com/1300758) Everything was very vintage pin-up and wonderfully fit!! If you every need anything made for a shoot or just want a new outfit send her a message right away!!  
The hair stylist for this shoot was the husband of the designer, He did a wonderful job as well!! I never thought I would look good in curls, He proved me wrong! 
I can't wait to show you all the photos from this shoot, one or two will be up on this page but to see them all you will have to go to me fanpage (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Coffin-Kandi/110185472384221
I will also be sure to post a fallow up blog to this one with the link to the Calender. 
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