Hello everyone,

       I just wanted to bring it to everyones attention that I have entered a picture contest. The prize for wining are these amazing monster claws, and I love them to death. So please everyone that hast go "like" (vote for) my photo so I can win! I will post the link directly below this so you can just click and go. Please remember that you must like the fan page in order to be able to like my photo!!

Now on to the next order of business. I have a shoot tomorrow with FLICKFOTO Photography. As promised I will have a full review write on the photographer, how the shoot went and all the links you need in order to view this photographers work as well as contact them. I look forward to hearing your views in response.

I will also be contacting Mainline Modeling tomorrow to set up a interview!! Fingers crossed on me being signed by an agency!! 
And for the last piece of news, I plan on entering My little cupcakes, Model wars cycle 2. So many prizes and notoriety for the winner!! I hope I do well. If you have any other information about fun stuff happening in the modeling world that I;m missing out on, PLEASE feel fre  
7/11/2012 05:06:13 pm

Many thanks for information


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